Miles of information for medical librarians #medlibs

#Medlibs online or ‘The List’

The other day, I received an email message online stating someone had edited “The List.” Wow… I had really let this one kind of fall by the wayside, kind of like this blog. I was caught up in the everyday tasks of life, changing job, etc. and just let all of it go for a while.

Well when I got this notice, it made me think about updating the list and the form.

Has it really been almost 3 7 years since I first started compiling the list of medical librarians (#medlibs) that are on various social media sites? Really?

Well it is obvious now that this will always be a work in progress and never finalized so I am posting it again today. Thanks to Tony Nguyen (@TonyNguyen411) for promoting it!

The original idea behind the list of medlibs online was to create a list of medlibs bloggers and it morphed into a list of medical librarians on different social media sites. The list is a work in progress. I know it is no where near will probably never be finished and that this on-going project really requires the help of my fellow medlibs.

The list can be reviewed here, along with statistics about medical librarians that are online. If you do not see your name listed then please submit your information via this form. I also will add more to this list soon. Please note the list will be constantly monitored for incorrect information and spam. It is currently open for anyone to edit; however, if the spreadsheet receives too much spam edits then I will need to close down the all can edit function. For now, anyone can submit via the form and also edit the spreadsheet.

Do you have suggestions for changes to the form? Different ways of collecting the data? Compiling the data? Spreading and sharing the information to other locations?

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