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IFTTT Spring Present

I opened my mailbox today, and IFTTT had delivered a spring present. I was so excited when I read the IFTTT newsletter that I squealed like a kid in a candy store. What could have this tech geek excited? Well more geeky tech items of course!

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a website that makes it easy for people to connect services or automatically perform various operations. has been around for a few years, and I make a point to promote it whenever I present about new apps/tech. It is pretty user friendly, and is easy for most, even those who aren’t too tech savvy. It works great for some people, and others tell me they haven’t found a use for the service.

For instance, I have recipes that automatically upload photos tagged “recipe” to a virtual recipe (food recipe) book online. It makes it easier when I am in the grocery store to locate a recipe. No more having to remember to bring a recipe along with me or guessing at the ingredient list. I simply bookmark items in Diigo with the tag “recipe,” or take a picture on instagram and tag it “recipe,” etc. All of these items then go to my online virtual recipe book. I can now ditch the paper recipe book and just refer to my online recipes. It also makes it easy for searching for recipes, sharing recipes with others, and organizing recipes.

Of course, I still have some of those sentimental recipes. You know, the ones your grandmother wrote on a napkin for you that the writing has smeared from using it over and over. :)

Basically, IFTTT is a wonderful tool that I use constantly. So I was ecstatic to get the email today stating I can now link it to my android phone.


You simply download the free IFTTT app to your android device, then browse the recipes available to see what might be useful.

Is it a little creepy to think I can log every move I make? Yes. Is it beneficial to have my phone automatically go to silent when I enter work so it doesn’t go off during clinical rounds? Yes! So while, I am sure IFTTT is tracking my every move, I’m ok with it (my life isn’t that exciting). Others may be leery of these new recipes, but I am just excited to find new ways to make life easier.

So what IFTTT recipes do you use constantly? I’m ready to make my mom smile with this one.

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  1. Alisha, do you often organize dinners at vegetarian restaurants at MLA? Sorry if I am confusing you with someone else!

    Thanks, Erica Lake Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library Salt Lake City, UT

    • alisha764 said:

      Yes! I arrange veggie meet-ups at MLA. It is always fun to get away for some good veggie food! I actually need to post about the one for Chicago. Typically I post a poll to see what the best time is for everyone to meet. We normally try to pick a place close to the conference hotel for convenience. Right now we are look at Native Food’s Cafe If you have suggestions for another place please let me know. Look for a post soon about scheduling the date and time, and please let others know about it too. If you have suggestions, questions, etc. about the informal, unofficial, veggie meet up please let me know. Take care!

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