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Last night @kiwona1 and I made a special trip to Veggie Galaxy.

I can say, as I finish eating the leftover carrot cake for breakfast (hey, it has carrots… So kinda healthy), that it was outta this world good. I recommend saving room for dessert.

I liked the Reuben I had but it wasn’t the best vegan Reuben I’ve ever had. We sat at the counter and got to watch as the food was cooked and sent out. There were some items I saw that I want to try next time like the vegan Mac and cheese, and the burger with onion rings on it. So definitely something to go back and try some more items.

I will be heading out for lunch at some point today. If anyone wants to join me please send me a tweet or email. I am considering the Lucy Ethiopian Cafe and Restaurant. If someone has another veggie place they would like to try today send me a message.

Next I was thinking about a veggie outing on Sunday for lunch from 12-130. There is a small break in the schedule for me that day. Since the window is small, then I think either Veggie Galaxy or My Thia are the best options since they are so close. Let me know in the comments or send me a message on if and where you would like to go. And remember we may be trying a local veg*n restaurant but all foodies are invited to attend and enjoy a local veg*n restaurant.

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