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Today was the first day at the Woods Hole Biomedical Informatics Program. I say it was the first day but it was really a day of welcome and introductions.

Tonight we had a welcome reception where everyone introduced themselves. I learned a few interesting facts:

  1. Total number of people at this session=30
  • 17 Librarians (tied for most librarians)
  • 6 Physicians (least number of physicians)
  • 6 Administrators
  • 1 vendor

2. Each person brings a unique perspective

We have some who are just dipping their toes into Informatics, and others who have been working in the field of informatics for years. We have people who want to learn the basics to just have more knowledge, and others who want to know how to integrate this into their daily clinical life to improve patient care. There is one person (a GI fellow) with a great idea of reducing the amount of unnecessary CT scans to diagnosis GI issues using screening criteria built into an EMR system. It sounds like an intriguing idea and I am curious to learn more about the concept and if the class will help develop the concept.

I am still learning about all the people in our class and will be posting more as we move through each session. I will also tweet as much as I am able (yes @hurstejwill probably tweet more than me even though she is not here).

Tonight as we introduced ourselves we discussed why we here and what we hoped to learn. As my post earlier today pointed out, my job description has changed. I am now officially part of Clinical Informatics. I still do all of the normal library work, but I also work on informatics projects. This is one of the main reasons I am here. I want to learn more about how to accurately incorporate appropriate technology into clinical settings. I am not sure the course will go over this specifically, but I am hoping to get some basic knwoledge to take back to my organization.

Of course I will be sharing this knowledge and information gathered with all of you. If you have a question about the courses, program, items I post, etc. please leave me a comment below or send me a message on twitter.

Note: For some reason I am having issues with various features in WordPress on the iPad. It must be the questionable iOS or that this is an Apple product (kidding Apple Fanboys). I do however apologize for the issues with spacing and other items.

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