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Medlibs Twitter Chat July 26th, Thursday, at 9pm EST

Medlibs have been busy tweeting away on Thursday nights on several topics. This week I am honored to lead the discussion on EMR, Meaningful Use, HITECH, CMS Incentive, CMS quality measures, and how medical librarians can get involved.

I am fortunate to be involved with several of these new government efforts at my institution, and to be asked by my fellow medlibs to share some of my experiences. As the chair-elect of MLA Medical Informatics Section we have been brainstorming on how to start discussions with medlibs on these topics and Clinical Informatics. This Thursday we will dive right into the conversation. Following the Twitter chat the transcript will be posted on the Medlibs chat blog. In addition follow-up questions will be address here and on the Medical Informatics Section LinkedIn Forum.

So what will we be discussing?

We will dive into how HITECH and other government initiatives are changing healthcare, how Medical Librarians can and should get involved, and how medlibs fit into the Clinical Informatics role.

On Thursday I not only want to share how I became involved but also encourage hear how others in the field are participating. So if you are involved in the new initiatives in your organization or if you just want to learn more join us at 9pm EST on Thursday July 26th.

If you have specific items you think should be addressed in the discussion please leave a comment below or email me.

A special thank you to Nikki (@eagledawg) for getting the Twitter chat started! Let’s keep the conversation flowing tomorrow night.

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