Miles of information for medical librarians #medlibs

I have been so wrapped up with work projects and preparing for the upcoming MLA Educational  Webcast Leveraging Mobile Technologies for Health Sciences Libraries, April 18 at 1pm central, that I just realized that I have not even blogged about it yet. Thank you Michelle Kraft for posting about the webcast.

Michelle lists all of the important details for the webcast, which can also be found on MLA site, so instead I plan on posting about how & why I got involved, and my geeky humorous bio?

How did I get involved. I was asked by Gabe Rios who was interested in the work I’ve been doing at my organization with the iPad and EMR. How did Gabe know? Well this blog and Twitter.

People actually read my posts! This only encourages me to post more.

For the bio in MLA I took a cue from David Rothman and Bart Ragon and injected a little humor and a little less mini resume. Why? Well I have this information posted on LinkedIn, here in this blog, and many other places. A short bio is also included as part of the presentation slides.

Really when you get down to it the humor is just the geek in me. Ok maybe I added a little drama to it to bodly go where not many #medlibs have gone before (if you watch tomorrow this wil make sense…. Hopefully).

What will this geeky feature include?  I will specifically discuss some of the activities I have been involved with at my organization including the EMR & mobile apps series. As a solo hospital librarian I could not let the opportunity to discuss how hospital librarians can get involved. So I spent about 3 minutes of the 5 minutes (actually I went over the time, so it is really 6 minutes) talking about getting involved and how this can be done.

So join me and the other presenters (Heather, Molly, Kimbreley and Colleen) to learn more about leveraging mobile technology for medical libraries.

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