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Good News Monday!

If you could see me now I am doing a happy dance in my office because of an email I just received.

I was accepted to the Fall Session of the National Library of Medicine 2012 Fellowship program in Biomedical Informatics (Fall) at the Marine Biological Laboratory!

From the website:

This week-long survey course is designed to familiarize individuals with the application of computer technologies and information science in biomedicine and health science. Through a combination of lectures and hands-on computer exercises, participants will be introduced to the conceptual and technical components of biomedical informatics. The conceptual components will include principles of database design, human-computer interfaces, medical terminologies and coding systems, medical decision analysis methods, clinical information systems architectures, and methods for measuring costs and benefits in health care systems. The technical components will include use of the Internet for biomedical applications, current and emerging wide area network technologies, use of literature and molecular sequence databases, and systems for telemedicine. Evening workshops will include hands-on project development to give students the opportunity to bring their own expertise to bear and apply the lessons learned in class to a relevant informatics application.

Taught by a nationally known faculty, the course will prepare the student to become actively involved in making informed decisions about computer-based tools in his/her organizational environment, and improve the student’s own computer skills.

I am excited and humbled to be given this fantastic opportunity. Particularly I am interested in the Clinical Research Informatics, Infobuttons, CPOE, Clinical Decision Support, … ok the entire program! It will be very beneficial to me considering my work lately with informatics.

Of course I will blog about it all here and post on Twitter to share with others. I will also post some prep work prior to attending.

I am ecstatic to be accepted to the program and eventually join the alumni ranks with Nikki, Michelle, Emily, Max, Heather, and many others!

If you have any suggestions on attending please let me know in the comments.

If you are attending the 2012 Fall session please contact me so we can meet up!

Comments on: "Good News Monday!" (4)

  1. Congrats! I hope you enjoy it! The setting is fabulous and the information is kind of an overload but good. :) Try and empty your head as much as possible so that you can take all of it in!

    • Thank you! I will probably pick yours and others brains about how to prepare and what to take. I’m excited!

  2. Congratulations!! Sounds like it will be a great opportunity!

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