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Maybe I am writing about this to encourage myself to use this new tool. After all, I have blogged about eating lunch at my desk and I get so caught up with work that by the time I get home I’m too worn out to post anything. So I apologize to my followers for the lack of post. There are several drafts sitting in my folder now waiting to be finished, and this was one of them.

iMedicalapps did a great review of Lunchmeet. I won’t repeat all of the benefits and reasons for using LunchMeet in general.

The app connects to your LinkedIn account, so you’ll need one of those first. What’s the purpose? Well LunchMeet connects users who are available or open for a lunch meeting.

But I don’t have time to set-up another app and monitor it!

Yes I can understand. I have already planned my lunch date for today …. with my desk, two computers, and an iPad. But imagine how useful this would be for meetings. Imagine at the next MLA or ALA not having to worry about trying to set-up lunch meetings. This app will help you break the ice and request a meeting with the person you’ve been dying to meet and pick their brain.

I also think this is a great app for librarians. Why? Well librarians are known for staying in their comfort zone. Not all librarians and it isn’t necessarily a bad trait but it is helpful to branch out. This app might just help you branch out to meet librarians in other types of libraries, maybe someone in the retail business that might have great marketing tips or… gasp… an IT person. I know this could be difficult for some librarians who have a love/hate relationship with IT.

These are just a few ideas. I think this is a great app for helping to really build those virtual networks. Look outside your circles too see what others might be able to offer. Think beyond your lunchmeat to the LunchMeet.

Of course for this to work LunchMeet will need to develop a strong following. And to get a big following they need to launch the android version, which is why I am not using this app..yet. I can already say this will be helpful when I am traveling but I do not see many in Columbus, Ga, using this app. People just really started using Twitter… well kind of.

What do you think? Would you use this app? Or is it a little too creepy?


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