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Google’s latest project, that isn’t on the chopping block for now, is Think Insights.

Think Insights Homepage

According to the homepage:

Forward thinking and rooted in data, Think Insights offers you a one-stop shop for consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research. Stay updated and join the conversation: Think with Google on Google+

Besides the fact Google is offering a shiny new page with detailed statistics, I am excited to see what Google does with this new tool. Why? Well many reasons. I am curious to see how Google uses this new tool when they have retired several others. It is also a great display. Plus Google, the ultimate search engine, has an advantage when it comes to compiling research. But if you look at the research library there are two areas I am particularly interested in. The first is the technology and mobile sections: A great infographic and there are reports and videos with additional information. Seeing all of the studies on mobile and technology in one place will be great. Right now the library is not large and I hope it is expanded soon.  

Oh what a glorious day it would be to have all of the healtchare studies in one location! It would be great not to spend so much time searching for healthcare statistics reports. But will it have enough data? I do not know. Right now it is very limited in the number of items in the research library.

The average consumer consults 10.3 sources of information in the process of making healthcare decisions. (Zero Moment of Truth Study -OTC Health)

Really? I would like to see more information about this.

Next I took a look at the videos in the Healthcare Section and was a little disappointed. The videos were by, for the most part, either Google employees or pharmaceutical companies. Now I am wondering who is financially supporting Think Insights and is it biased information.

As I said, I do not know where Think Insights is going but it has definite potential for those trying to gather statistics from the internet. It is built more for marketers attempting to improve their product promotion, but that doesn’t mean libraries cannot use it.

Check out the Real Insights Finder and let me know if you think libraries could use it.

I think it could be useful for libraries trying to determine what people are using on their website and how to better market their resources. I did a quick review of one website on Think Insights:

Clicked on ThinkInsights Real-Time Insight, then “What are people clicking on” and entered in the Ad Planner.

Neat to see the statistics in the graphs. MedlinePlus reaches 45 million people! Unfortunately it is only 1.1% reach. Hmph.

So do you think you will use Think Insights? How? Let me know in the comments below.

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