Miles of information for medical librarians #medlibs

Last night when I wrote my post for today I stated I had not seen any official releases about PubMed Health. So it was ironic today when @chickenfight tweeted the following:

NLM Technical Bulletin article on PubMed Health:

Thank you Patrick for tweeting this update.

I have only skimmed the bulletin post but it looks like many of the items I discussed in my post with a few extra details. For one it states the medical encyclopedia contains links to MedlinePlus. Really? Then I missed this. After digging for a few minutes I was able to find MedlinePlus icon and link on the encyclopedia information. It would still be great to see more connection with MedlinePlus in the ‘Behind Headlines,’ ‘Clinical Effectiveness’ and hyperlinks for all medical terms.

Why links for all medical terms including the basics? Well it seems PubMed Health has been designed for public health and consumers. So the information is geared to those who may not have a high level understanding of medical terms.

As I look more at PubMed Health I start to see a valuable tool for students and teachers. This is a great way to demonstrate how to review literature and how to interpret the news headlines for your patients.

Do you see other uses? What do you think of NLM finally making a release about PubMed Health?

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