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Wal-mart just announced the launch of Vudu, its new online movie platform. The store that sales just about everything is now streaming movies.

What does it mean? Will Wal-mart increase streaming usage? Will it be able to compete with Netflix, Redbox, the newly released movies on Youtube, & others? What about Blockbuster? Or are they completely obsolete now?

Interesting news and I’m wondering if having so many players in the field will help to create a better product– not to mention a pricing war. I am also curious to see if Wal-mart’s Vudu will increase usage of video streaming. If Wal-mart becomes a major player then what about libraries? Will libraries be able to work with the big box to provide videos online to patrons?

I know some libraries have reviewed the possibility of streaming videos (I’m referring to new releases and big titles) online for library patrons; however, the cost is typically beyond a library’s budget. Some libraries do stream videos but the ones I reviewed are very limited and have a small list of titles.

Only time will tell.

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