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Geeking the Library


Today is the day to get your geek on!!

Geek Pride Day

I read about this online in a few different places including a post from Librarian in Black. I thought I would take a moment to express my true geek.

Recently I, along with my fellow geek Carolyn Klatt, presented about “Geeking the Library” at a medical library meeting. We should have taped it so I could post the video here.

The banter at the beginning allowed me to let my true geek shine through while engaging the audience. It was a short comedy of an Android fan vs. a diehard Apple fan. This is just a recent event that shows I am a geek and probably why I choose this field… to meet more geeks like me! :)

Now must admit I have always had some geeky qualities. I did spend hours upon hours surfing the ‘net’ when we finally got a computer at home when I was in middle school.

In high school and college I could easily pick up new programs or technology but I didn’t actively seek out new technology. Graduate school changed everything.

I earned my MLIS from FSU online… I have an MLIS from FSU but I have never stepped foot on the campus. I may sometimes say I do not think graduate school prepared me for everything in the real world but it did prepare me for the geek world. I learned how to create podcast, design and code websites, organize information online, and so much more.

I would not have learned as much without the wonderful professors who were enthusiastic about technology. I also would not have enjoyed the experience as much without my partners in crime classmates.

All of this though could never have fully prepared me for, and I say this with admiration, the geeky world of medical librarians.
Not long after starting my new career I took “Geeks Bearing Gifts” from @jdaleprince. The class really opened the doors to the true medical library geekdom and I’ve never looked back.

So I want to take a moment and say thank you to the librarian geeks before me who supported and encouraged me. I am probably going to leave someone out so I apologize in advance.

@jdaleprince for the best class ever
@medlibs for being my first follower on Twitter!
@eagledawg for one of my first twitter follows
@laikas for inspiring me to start this blog. “I am a tree”
Carolyn Klatt for being my presentation partner in crime
FSU professors

All others I may have forgotten, sorry

And of course my supportive husband who never complains about all of the time I spend online, then again he is a geek too.

Happy Geek Pride Day to all my fellow geeks!

Picture above from Monkey-Finger

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