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PubMed Health Disappearing Act

Yesterday I presented new library resources to a group of pharmacist. As we were finishing the session a pharmacist asked about PubMed MyNCBI. I showed a few features and then decided to mention PubMed Health, except PubMed Health did not want to make an appearance.

I wanted to let my patrons know about this new resource so they are not caught off guard, as many in the medical library field have been (See previous post), when they do a search on Google for a medication or disease. Yet, when I did a quick Google search for ‘paxil’ this was the result:

Figure 1: Google search result for paxil on 3.22.11

As you can see from the image above, PubMed Health was  nowhere to be found.  It was disappointing to see Wikipedia as the first result when I had been so accustomed to seeing the Google Heatlh Search box and now PubMed Health. I thought maybe this is a fluke, let me do another search (mind you this was all during the middle of a presentation):

Figure 2: Google search for zofran 3.22.11

Once again PubMed Health is nowhere to be found in the search results :(

Well I was bound and determined to show the pharmacist the new PubMed Health that ‘was’ appearing on ‘most’ computers as the first result in a Google search for medications and/or diseases.  I could not remember the exact website address so I did what any good librarian would do… I googled PubMed Health to no avail.

I ended up clicking on the recent article from The Krafty Librarian, which displayed within the top 3 results, to get to the link.  Sigh, it was one of those moments when you try to show something new only to have it #fail.

I know PubMed Health is still new, and these things happen. I mean different computers yield different search results in Google based on previous searches. I think it was the context in which this happened that really has me bummed about PubMed Health.  It also didn’t help that a search for “PubMed Health” could not find the home page.

Anyone else experiencing this? I know there were reports of different results from medical librarians in Canada (I believe this was mentioned by @danhooker). Is anyone else seeing different results on Google when searching for medications or disease information?


Update: I was using IE8 browser, with the firewalls, and on internal servers. It was the same, except for the computer, as I use at my desk (see image below for different result when searching ‘paxil.’). I think it is like T. Scott said, it is the Google algorithm that creates different results depending on previous searches. The frustrating part for me was that even googling “PubMed Health” did not yield a link to the website. Now I am wondering if I should be considered with the odd results or the fact that the pharmacist are probably using Wikipedia and other resources more :(

Figure 3: Google results for ‘paxil’ on my work computer.

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