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During the SE/A Hospital Librarian Webinar on October 27, 2010 I presented about the Hospital Library Promotion Award. The best part, for me, was I used Prezialbeit not well, but it I really like the program.

So I am slightly biased. Prezi organizes, presents, and illustrates information the way my mind works. I often jump from one idea to the next and enjoy having the ability to easily do this with a presentation tool; however, it also has it’s downside.  I found during the presentation I enjoyed having the capability to emphasize certain points and adjust the presentation as needed.

Prezi was also an excellent match for my presentation. I wanted to show a timeline with some large overall items and then emphasize some of the details. The issue is I became too wrapped up in the presentation tool.

Perhaps Laikas put it best:

Thus, which platform is preferable, depends your aims and audience. But whether your presentation is effective depends on your message, your translation and your performance as well.

My translation and performance were focused on my new found appreciation for Prezi. As a result, I did not present the project details as well as I wanted. To those of you who witnessed this presentation, I think you understand. No I will not post it here, but I will use Prezi again when it is appropriate for the presentation.  I do believe it would have greatly benefited my presentation this time if I had spent more time preparing. I may even go back to the presentation and tweak it a little.

The other downside… you never feel like you are finished with a Prezi since you show the big picture and zoom in on the details. You can always add more, then again you can always add more to anything.  Speaking of adding more, in the next few weeks I will have several posts on various tools (bookmarking, presentation, etc.) that I have used in the library with details about each. These posts will not be comprehensive reviews but will include some important lessons learned items.

If you have used Prezi before, especially for an online presentation, please post your comments below.

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